Automation Solutions based on ANPR Technology

DetectWORKS provide easy-to-use, high quality and cost-effective automation and management solutions based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. Our systems are designed to operate as either a stand-alone solution or to be integrated with existing access control equipment. Based on our clients requirements we develop and install complete set of hardware and software in order to cover specific customer needs. This is a wide range of ANPR access control applications including car parking, gated communities, factories, corporate facilities, warehouses, restricted areas, private areas, airports and schools.

DetectWORKS software components are used as core components in vehicle traffic monitoring and management solutions like Intelligent Transport Systems, Toll Booths, Airports, Ports and harbors, Logistics solutions etc.

The DetectWORKS products mainly consist of software and hardware and developed to be easily integrated into existing security and video surveillance systems as well as to develop custom solutions on top of it.


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